Primavera Training DVD for Civil Engineers!




  1. Introduction to Primavera
  2. How to execute a project using PowerPoint (Basic)
  3. How to create a EPS
  4. How to create OBS
  5. How to interlink both EPS & OBS
  6. Creating of calendar
  7. Creating of project
  8. Creating of WBS Levels
  9. Changing The Activity ID Defaults' as per WBS Level Names
  10. Creating of activities And Defining durations
  11. Defining relationships
  12. Running the Schedule
  13. Backward Scheduling
  14. Create the activity Codes and Assign them
  15. Creating The Steps for the Activities
  16. Create the Resource Directory
  17. Assign the resources to the activities and Basic Calculations
  18. Fixing Of Units
  19. Resource Assignments Descriptions
  20. Create the Curves and Assign the Curves to the Resources
  21. Recalculating The Project Cost
  22. Indirect Expenses
  23. Creating a Base Line and Assigning a Base Line
  24. Report Generations Using the Existing Template
  25. Report Generations Using Editing the Existing Template
  26. Report Generations Using The Current Screen
  27. Report Generations by Creating a New Template
  28. How to Update Project Manual
  29. How to Update Project Automatically
  30. User Preference
  31. Admin Preference and Admin Categories
  32. Groups & Sorts
  33. Filters
  34. Work Products And Documents - WP'S and Docs
  35. Fill Down
  36. Adding New Columns in Primavera
  37. Threshold & Issues
  38. Exporting the Data Of The Project
  39. Importing the Data Of The Project
  40. Check In And Check Out
  41. Project Portfolio
  42. Show how to save the lay out for reference
  43. How to Assign Relationships Automatically
  44. Claim Digger
  45. Customizing the Layout Area
  46. Dissolving the Activity

Price: Rs.5000/-